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Not ready for the “BeerPouch”?

GLASS GROWLERS are here >>

Introducing the first beverage pouch made for ALL beverages, particularly sparkling or carbonated beverages like soda, beer, and carbonated energy drinks.  Excellent for keeping grains fresh, coffee and ciders too!

Beer Growler Pouches feature a simple screw-top similar to a bottle. Simply stated, eliminating oxygen or light damage (the two main enemies of good beer) means fresher tasting ales.

Mobile growler, Camping growler, Hiking growler, River growler…call them what you want - bottom line - they are an excellent alternative to glass when glass is prohibited or inconvenient.

Revolutionary Packaging Benefits

TASTE!! --- BeerPouch protects the flavor of its content like no other packaging due to the elimination of light and residual air (oxygen) in the container.

CARBONATION --- The fizz is preserved.

PACKAGING --- 97% liquid product 3% packaging for the BeerPouch as opposed to 65% and 35% for glass. That’s green!

ECONOMICAL --- The BeerPouch costs less than glass beer growlers when you consider the full color label capabilities and the huge savings on freight!

TRANSPORTATION --- Pouches store flat and fit into a much smaller overall box space than other containers. Combined with their greatly reduced weight resulting in dramatically reduced transportation costs.

STORAGE --- BeerPouches fit into a fraction of the space of glass growlers (20 cases to 1).

HANDLING --- BeerPouches weigh less than traditional packaging and our products require no special preparation.  Wash, rinse re-fill.  With care the pouch can last for several fills!

APPEARANCE ---Products using the BeerPouch stand out and get attention. Full color logo on each pouch!

SANITATION --- Clean room sanitary and ready to fill straight from the box.  Rinse and refillable several times when cared for properly.

ENVIRONMENT – An environmentally friendly alternative to glass and cans.  Great for the park, fairs and events!


Because they fold flat when empty, an entire palette of glass bottles can be replaced by ONE case of BeerPouches.  When empty, average size comparison is 20 heavy cases of glassware to one, relatively light, case of pouches.

Freight on 200 approximately $38

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BLANK 32 oz. pouches





Bags w/ 4” x 4” Sticker*





*Stickers are FULL COLOR waterproof vinyl.  No Setup fees.  Prices include 4” x 4” Square or 4” Round stickers.  Any size or shape stickers available.

Contact Us for a custom sticker size pricing or custom die-cuts.

Labels are SELF APPLIED stickers (by you).

Government Alcohol Label may be required in some states - check your local laws.

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64 & 32 oz Growler Beer Pouches

HOWLER 32 ounce Beer Pouch

64 ounce Flexi Growler - No Handle

64 ounce Flexi Growler - W/ Handle

Need less than the 200 minimum order?  Like to see a SAMPLE?

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Options / Quantities / Pricing  





BLANK 64 oz. pouches





Bags w/ 4” x 4” Sticker*





Options / Quantities / Pricing  





BLANK 64 oz pouch w/handles





Bags w/ 4” x 4” Sticker*